Friday, March 24, 2006

Cute to insane in 0.6...

How could you not just want to gobble that up? If only she were that cute all of the time. Since my foray back into the work force, and HD's SAHD venture she has turned into the devil. Okay so maybe it isn't that bad, but pretty close. She whines, she screams, she doesn't share. Hitting her brother over the head with something, or pushing him down, has become a daily occurance. Sharing, someone please tell me where this most basic skill has gone. I think she is punishing us, for my working. She does however think that I work solely to make money to buy her toys. This is a concept she has developed on her own. I am sure once I am on a set, and early schedule things will mellow out. Until then, we have many meltdowns, make-ups, and hugs. -oh and beer, an important end of the day ingredient.

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