Wednesday, March 29, 2006

just keep swimming...

"just keep swimming, just keep swimming"... really i need to say this over and over, otherwise i might kill some bitches. i am the perfect candidate for my job, i keep shit to myself, i show up on time, i do what the corporate pimps expect of me. y'all, i am seething inside. i know that they don't give a flip about me or mine. they want my body, my hours, my percentage of this versus that. i know they pay me, they'll even crap out an extra buck or two if i get things right, but..i am away from the kiddos ten hours a day after commute, & gas is rising astronomically yet again, & i've been a stay at home mom, or running my own business for the last 3 years. i want to tell them [the corp. pimps] to go screw themselves, but i am the good little drone, i don't.

wow! that was a bit pent up, and out of my system now, sorry 'bout that. "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"...

bebe girls 3rd birthday is next wednesday, she wants a wig {2 to be exact} wiggity what?! any of y'all who have had the pleasure of max and ruby's beauty shop episode/book will know where this comes from. i'd bend over backwards for
  • Rockstar Mommy's
  • cinderella party about now, alas. okay so maybe i am being mellow dramatic, just a tad. 3 years old, woah! bebe boy is on the "i have an older sister" rapid advancement track. he is learning how to scream and fit inappropriately, and bite/pinch/pull et all. i am missing it, dammit i really am!

    "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"..

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