Monday, August 06, 2007

Mmmm. French Toast

When I was a kid my mom made this amazing batter dipped French Toast. She would cut the bread slices in half to create rectangles instead of triangles. She then battered and fried them mmmmmm. I remember that this meal was always a much anticipated treat. Pancakes and waffles didn't hold a candle to that french toast.
Well yesterday it was way to early to call my mom for the recipe, so I hopped on-line to give google a whirl. I stumbled across this recipe for Batter Dipped French Toast from Kansas State University . What a find!
I cut the bread into rectangles and totally had a childhood moment. BG and BB were solidly impressed and proceeded to eat seconds, yes SECONDS! That does not happen a lot in this house, and as you know getting BB to eat anything that is not a tortilla was well worth it. I also managed to sneak in some sausage, yea me. The other reason that I recommend this recipe is that it re-heats extremely well in the toaster oven. It turned out nice and crispy.
Well who knew I could rattle on about french toast ad nauseam, but I did. Please share any recipes that your brood loves, or that just take you back. Thanks for tuning in, PLGC-out

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