Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome to tha 'Hood

There was a show called House Party hosted by Art Linkletter from 1952-1970 that had the funniest segment called Kids Say the Darndest Things. Bill Cosby tried to recreate the hilarity from 1998-2000 with this show based on that segment. Books were published. So forgive me but I am gonna catch a ride on that wave people.

My daughter is quite the charmer and very outspoken considering that she is only 4. I know I sound like I am bragging, but there are days when my eyes glaze and I imagine a land where kid's mouths have zippers. Yesterday and this morning BG decided to share a couple of gems.

Scenario 1: Eating Pita Pocket sandwiches.
BG says "Mom I never liked peter pockets, but now I love peter pockets!" Can somebody please tell me when polly got a brother?

Scenario 2: We're eating dinner at my mother's house.

BG is talking...BB is saying everything she says, only a split second behind. My mom is trying to be serious and not laugh and then BG says "Mom I want to take Brother back to the baby store, 'cause he's ick-noxious." "I want to be alone and he never leaves me alone." HD and I shared a look, my mom broke a smile.

Scenario 3: Me, BG, BB driving home from the park.

BG made a couple of friends at the park. As we are driving home she says "Mom those girls live in the park neighborhood." BB says in his let's mimic big sis sorta way " Yeah I'm live in neighborhood too." BG then replies "NOOOOO brother, you live in the child 'hood."

Welcome to tha 'Hood?! PLGC-Out


mrsmogul said...

I should think about getting pita pockets next time! Healthy and fun to for the babystore haha! very cute!

Dre said...

how cute...

kids ARE funny.