Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bewitched with the Bay Area

Elizabeth Montgomery is my official Mamacita Caliente idol. She was totally hott! as Samantha Stevens; She had magical powers at her fingertips, yet insisted upon keeping house the oldfashioned way. Faux-wood walls, brand new dishwasher and cocktails in the early evening. What is not to love? I am sure by now you have ascertained that i have had me an episode or two of bewitched recently.

Well I haven't fully developed my magical powers as of yet but I am working on it. So father's day huh? Not much of a segue but it's what I got. The kids woke me up bright and early for follow through on a plan that we hatched the previous day. We made all of dad's faves: pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast and a hot cup of coffee. All of this was delivered on a Cars tray completed with handmade Father's Day cards. It was absolutely sweet as pie! Dad then had to travel off to the Sunday grind. Life is funny like that.

The kids were over the moon and loving up daddy every chance they got. It is in the moments like this that I stop and take stock of my little family. I see the love and the joy and the way that we all roll with the punches. I am starting to realize that the kids are a little stressed out about our impending move. I don't think they fully understand the full chaos that will ensue, but they get one thing, change.

Life is rushing up on us and changing fast. It is more intense than that impulsive move to Baltimore ten years ago. I felt something today that I almost mistook for anxiety, it was urgency. I love a good sense of urgency. I got shit to do and I need to do it fast. So on that note I am going to sign out dear internet. I hope you continue to tune in and vicariously come along for the ride.

PLGC- families picking up and moving on.

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