Sunday, June 28, 2009

tears start falling...

Well Sunday has certainly dragged on. CS and EmBea let CB and I sleep in. Then it was on to cinnamon rolls and preparing pulled pork. I totally cut into the tip of my left hand ring finger after a dire warning of how dangerously I was holding the knife, by CS. Thus ending in my daughter saying to me; "Mom it's not that I am blind in 1 eye it's just that I have a problem and it's clumsy". You know I think she gets that from me.

Really though, life is moving on way to fast. I have a hella load of packing to do. That is not to mention all of the research on the new homestead but also learning how to pull money out of my ass. I take that back, lets leave that visualization for the people who are not going to receive checks in the mail. So mote it be.

Anywayt its 4 in the morning for me.

PLGC- parents of children who lost there teeth

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