Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Girls and Boy...

The children were very challenging today, especially Bre. He is not handling the 6 year old dynamic girl duo. Every 5 minutes it is Mawwwwm. I can hear this call from inside the house. I psychically sense the outburst before it occurs. He wants to play their games but is rather obnoxiously annoying; as any almost 4 year old boy would be to two 6 year old girls. His sister is too much for him to handle most of the time, throw another in the mix and it is literally Fit City. Not that the girls don't provide a little drama of their own. Their drama is appeasable. A quick talk, a little humor, throw in some gummy bears or a popsicle and you are good to go.

I can't say it is all bad it just really forces me to look at how I handle the situation at hand. I have to be the rational and calm adult. Sometimes I just want to throw a fit too, dammit! There I'm done with that. I am learning that there are just points when you let things go.

On a high note, Bea started gymnastics today. It is so perfect for her. Just enough structure for her to stay focused. When she did spring soccer it just wasn't engaging enough. During practice she would notice a random leaf floating through the air and gaze at it in wonder. Soccer ball be damned she was lost in that leaf and the daydream it represented. Gymnastics is engaging and fun.

I was worried that her amblyopia (see previous post here.) would be a hindrance but the tumbling is so intuitive that it didn't seem to be a factor at all. Her patching is going really well and we have a second followup in July. I am crossing my fingers for some positive results.

Well it is getting late and I fear that soon I will be all mumbo and no jumbo. So peace, love and green chile to all. -out

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