Saturday, June 20, 2009


Boring post tonight.... So just to pre-warn y'all I made a commitment to myself to blog everyday this month. I have not failed, though I am beginning to realize why blogging every day is not so easy. It is difficult to call upon that sarcastic wit at a moments notice. I am however nothing if not committed.

So today was:

  • making father's day cards with the kids
  • washing dishes
  • applying for jobs in the bay area 1) to fulfill my NMdeptoflabor requirements and 2) because i am going to need a job.
  • drinking dos quis cerveza with salt and lime (the key to the whole day really)
  • referee, slave, housekeeper, confidant
I warned you that it was boring but you insisted on being one of my few lurkers and reading anyway.

PLGC & a SHOUT OUT to my lurkers, -i love you guys

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