Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crafty Toothless.

Well today was a very successful crafting with kids sorta day. We made coffee filter rainbow fish from here. One addition that really was a happy accident; wax paper. Tape wax paper to the table and have the kids follow the instructions from there. Spray the water while the coffee filter is still on the wax paper and dry both. Later when you are ready to glue your fish to the blue paper; cut a circle out of the wax paper where the color bled through to make a bubbly background. Here are the results.

ly's rainbow fish

CB's rainbow fish

EmBea's rainbow fish

My eldest has lost another tooth. When I say lost I actually mean; "she pulled the damn thing herself! Again!" direct quote from me to you. She is a cutie though.

Whistling a pirates tune.

PLGC- the smurfs (blame CS not me, this is what happens when i have him help me blog.)

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