Tuesday, June 09, 2009

a wiggly jiggly loose tooth.

Embea's got no tooth.

I would like to start this blog with a shout out to my daughter's k-2 teachers! 3 more amazing ladies, you will never meet. I owe the title to them. I stole it from an end of the day song that serenaded those children lucky enough to loose a tooth in the confines of public school.

to preface..Embea has had this loose tooth for some time, (since late March, i think). She wanted so very badly to lose it in school. She has been eating apples and wiggling like crazy.

Tonight was crazy appetizer night.

We had a lovely family day watching the Isotopes play the OKC Redhawks. While I did take my first, (and many others), breath in Oklahoma, I WAS NOT in any way, shape or form rooting for them. I am a 'topes girl through & through.

sidetrack & long story short. That tooth was clearly coming out today. I turned to Mr. Novus and said, in fact; "That tooth is coming out today."

So, one requested course for our appetizer night was, in fact, an apple. Said half of apple was bitten into aproximately 2 times. Crazy, long-rooted tooth proceeds to fall out of my 6 year old's mouth.

I am verklimpt.

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