Monday, June 15, 2009

why i have a newfound love for facebook.

so i face book. i do not want to gel with the internet society at whole. i am really looking for the peeps i know, the ones that i shelter some long lost whimsy for, the ones i love... tonight i truly connected with a couple that we felt an affinity with. we are sending them a couple of CS's paintings via USPS tomorrow. that is how strong the love...

the hot-daddy-CS tweeted about my ass tonight. even if i do love shakin' to some nelly, it was not nessecary, lol.

i am taking out the recycling and the trash.
i have been categorized, ( by3-6 year olds), as a mean mom today. i interrupted a my little pony face off and made 40+ animal shaped miniature sugar cookies.

p.s. this pic is sooo me looking aged 34

all in all i think.. i rock.. (PLGC blogiverse. -out)

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