Monday, June 22, 2009

i bring the fire...

Black Eyed Peas, Fifty Cent, Ludacris, TI, Kottonmouth Kings, Nina Simone, 311, Chemical Brothers, Immortal Technique, Eminem, Kanye West, The Grouch, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Fergie, the Crystal Method, Wale, Kevin Rudolph, etc...the music on CS' iPod. not my off the cuff taste but damn I can sure do some dishes quick when i got a bass line goin on!

I love it when i hijack the iPod for the evening. CS takes on the bedtime business and i get shit done. i'd love to say that i can tackle housework all day long but that would be a lie. housework plays a secondhand biatch to my kiddos. they Rock and they come first. if i am in the middle of scrubbing the sink, i stop, sanitize and participate. i think it is so important that they get my undivided attention. i want them to know that they are important and so is what they have to say.

it might tack an extra 20 minutes onto an usually simple task but i do not mind. you know "i'm ballin' throwin mami 'round..." i'm always ready for the craziness that they can throw my way. these kids are gonna be freaking teenagers someday. y'all can bet i am gonna soak up the little kid vibe while i can. i just don't see the purpose in working myself up over something they will forget in ten seconds.

on that note i'd like to go soak up the snuggle time with papi cuz he got the kids to sleep and we are hott like that.

PLGC- lovers

even orangel fastwalker loves some CS snuggle time!
(p.s. the kids named the cat)

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