Thursday, June 11, 2009


I find myself really starting to think about the flow of my childrens' day. I can definitely see that EmBea requires a bit more structure and stimulation. I am trying a few new things and as I come across them I will let y'all know the result.

I stumbled onto an awesome site last night, neoK12. It has a ton of videos that have been screened by teachers to ensure value and appropriateness for your child. The videos seem to mostly come from youtube, but are really great. The kids watched the Earth section today. Each vid is between 2-7 minutes so it holds their attention. Boy was EmBea excited about plate tectonics. Who knew? Anyway, give the site a look-see.

CB is just the cutest little boy alive for about 90 minutes of the day. The rest of the time it seems he is either whining, crying, screaming or all three. What is it with this age that makes a kid just go ape shit? I have tried it all. The big one that has worked for me is follow through on consequences. If they take an action that is not correct, then that action has a consequence. Which is usually the loss of a priveledge related to the crime. I used to be such a sucker and bad at follow through. This time I might actually pull it off.

I shouldn't like you to think that it is all bad, there are just moments that I spend more time on now. I realize that it is not always important to be their friend; sometimes you just have to be their mom. I think I am starting to grow up quite nicely.

Well folks, this post seems slightly lacking. I promise to regale you with something more exciting, very soon. Maybe a recipe for slime or a madcap outing. Who knows people there are days when this blog practically writes itself. Then there are days like this.

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