Sunday, June 07, 2009

those moments.

As a parent there are those moments. That sort of Wow and holy poop moment all wrapped into one. Below is a picture drawn by my son, he will be 4 this month. If you look closely near the bottom of the page is what looks like a a male uhm part. I say to my son is that a "tinky" ? (sorry it's what we taught him to call it, I think it originated from grandma, but I'm not sure) He smirks and says yes. Then he says:

CB: Mom did you know that a tinky is called a penis?
Me: Uhm, yes. Who told you it was called that?
CB: Embea. (his sister)
Me: Okay, well she's right.

I really didn't know how to respond to that. I am pretty sure EmBea picked that one up at school, she is on the playground with 5th graders.

This is CB Novus under an umbrella

CB Novus-bourgening controversial artist.

Since I am showcasing the art of CB, I should give you a look at EmBea's too. She was watching Mirrormask today, at her own behest. As a patching activity she decided to create her own world, like the one the girl draws in the movie. Here is her world below and I am quite impressed.

My little fairy watching Mirrormask.

EB Novus and her family in her world.

So there you have it. My day as Mom with all of the good parts and none of the bad.

PLGC Blogiverse -out

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