Monday, June 29, 2009

just another...

Manic Monday, oh-oh. They are always so strange. CS is up at 4am to be at work by 5. I find myself awake too though I usually fall back to sleep as he zooms off in his Camaro. The sound of that car driving off is like a little lullaby that says, he got it all together you can get 2 more hours of sleep now. The kids usually pounce me by 7:00 except that I have been letting them stay up way to late these days. Tonight they were in bed by 8:30 (not sleeping but it's an improvement).

Tomorrow is packing and organizing. I really need to get my shit together for this move. CS and I are pros at the whole moving thing, only we are in our 30's now with kids. That being said I don't think it's gonna be okay if we just stuff a bunch of crap haphazardly into a box and onto a truck the same day that we drive outta town. Damn I hate being the mature adult sometimes.

The one thing that is totally new to me and FREAKING me out are schools. Specifically pre-school but public school too. Em will be starting the 1st grade and it looks like she may be here a couple of weeks before we move and you can't just sign up for school in CA without having an address first. Pre-school is a whole other issue. It seems that most of the good ones have had kids on a waiting list since they were in utero (the kids not the schools). I am definitely going with a referral agency, I think. If any of you have any advice on the topic please feel free to share. I know I have at least a few lurkers out there who still read this thing.

I have asked you dear internet in the past for advice and you have not come through. I promise I won't cry when blogger tells me there are no comments to moderate. I have been your fickle mommy blogger and still have a few flaky days left in my bag of tricks. At least my lovely counter tells me that you are there even if you were just searching for porn. I always feel bad that some guy out there wanted to get his Hot Mami on and he ends up here. Though I always hope they link into one of my posts on poop or puke, take that perv-o.

Wow I am sorta rambling tonight. Sorry about that, truly. It has been a strange day filled with nausea and one too many reruns on TNT. I really hate when I turn my brain down to the moron level. A vegetative state is not exactly what I need to kick start the moving preparation.

Well internet I will bid you goodnight.

PLGC- lurkers & porn addicts

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