Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mom..Referee...Social Network Therapy

Today I totally slept in...translation; I slept until my kid woke me up at 7:30, turned on cartoons, made breakfast & laid back down. Then I got up 50 times to cater to my children's whims. Which in the end negated the laying back down as it was more like exercise.

That being said, I totally know better than to try to lay back down. It really is better to get up and start the intravenous drip of coffee directly into my veins. No, really I have a prescription. Okay so that's a lie, but I drink a lot of effing coffee! Once the neurons started firing I managed to grab a bite for myself in between playing referee to a death match between my kids.

There are days that I think that is all that I do. I was never good at letting them self sooth and thus I have difficulty allowing them to sort it out on their own. I am working on it. We have added another 6 year old girl into our world this summer Mon-Fri. It is definitely making things more interesting. While they keep each other entertained, there are "the spats". Often it is the 2 girls against the boy. So I do tend to try to let them resolve their own conflict. Of course I am covertly watching them through the open window ready to sprint outside at the slightest sign of trouble. And then....I get sidetracked.

I lay out these fabulous plans for my day. It was so much easier with my calendars, inbox and task lists when I still worked my corporate job. Maybe if I could plug the kiddos stats into a spreadsheet I could make a smoother transition. All in all I don't think I am doing a half bad job but I'd like to do a half good job, ya know?

I find many a moment where I am the one in time out, counting to ten, breathing in through my nose and out through the perfect shaped oo of my mouth. Breath AS, that's good, in and out... Then I quickly log into facebook or twitter for a little social network therapy (but only for 5 minutes of course) read about things going on in other peoples universe, hit the stumble task bar, find sites like this and all is well with the world.

PLGC blogiverse. -out

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