Saturday, June 13, 2009


It takes 21 days to build a habit. i am hoping that blogging everyday in June will help me build the habit of writing daily. i don't necessarily mean here on this blog, but for myself. i think it is important to quit talking about what i want to do and do it. i hope to teach my children through my examples not just by my words. ironic.

we had a wonderful day today. i got up with CS at 5:30 to help him get ready to go white water rafting. i was psyched that he got to go & it was totally free. beautiful northern NM, a river and a raft. a perfect sort of day for my guy. the kids and i hit the aquarium & botanical gardens around 1pm. the fish are always a plus, but the gardens were in full bloom and looking lovely.

we did the whole bit, butterfly pavillion, heritage farm and japanese garden. we just took a slow pace and brought lots of water and healthy snacks. for some reason on outings like this i can really get the little buggers to go for the fruit instead of the fruit rollup. it was a nice way to spend the day.

so here i am 10:13 and ready to wrap it up. i remember saturday nights of years past when i was just getting ready to start the night. ahh but those days are much fewer and far between. i'd way rather say goodnight to you dear internet. i am off to snuggle up with that hot daddy of mine and some netflix. PLGC -out

p.s. go take a peak at your sleeping children (if you have kids :) and relish in how fricking cute they look when they are sleeping.

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