Wednesday, June 24, 2009

which phrase have i overused this week?

My mind has been so many other places today that I almost went straight to bed. I would have kicked myself right in the ass if I ended my 24 day posting streak because I was distracted and tired. June is almost at an end and then you won't be bored silly with my off the cuff writing everyday. I might actually sit down and put a little thought into it. What?!? I might.

Obviously my brain is addled tonight. I have hit delete too many times to count and I can't seem to piece together a grammatically correct sentence to save my life. I did look at a lot of rentals on craigslist today and contacted a preschool referral agency for CB. Every little piece of the puzzle is falling into place.

Well tomorrow is birthday prep for the boy, who will be 4 on Friday. Tonight it's a quick stint as the tooth fairy (whom my daughter totally knows is me).

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