Friday, June 19, 2009

freaky friday

sometimes even i think i am a mean mom. but i am not really. i just can't stand fits and crying. i really don't think that i am being unreasonable. i have never and i mean never (contrary to popular belief) given into the demands of a screaming child o'mine. i may have eased it back when they realized i wasn't budging. i may have even dropped it when i realized it wasn't worth the fight. i did not give in, i follow through.

embea had me at my wits end today. there was no consequence big enough for the back talk she was dishing in between her dime sized tears. i still to this late hour have no clue as to what her effing problem was (i should get used to this feeling, right?). there were moments of sweet beauteous clarity, very few and very far between. she is sleeping now, man i love that kid!

cb on the otherhand was quite unlike his usual self today. he was all charm (of course we had a swim date audience) and articulation. i am seriously thinking that maybe the children had some sort of freaky friday experience where they switched bodies and hatched some crazy scheme to not tell me. yea i know they're 3 & 6 but i am totally buying into my own conspiracy.

it was a cuh-razy day. so i will leave you with this lovely photo that said children forced asked me to take of their play dough sculptures. i guess they were just too beautiful to not have a memento. i have no freaking clue what they were but i am leaning toward voodoo.

voodoo playdough dolls

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Anonymous said...

i loved the crossed out words...aka.this is what i really want to say.