Tuesday, June 16, 2009

West Coast chillin'

I have just had the best day evah!!!

  • my babysitting gig called off for the day.
  • i had a free sushi lunch with the hubs, em n' cal and a fellow artist (who treated btw). hooray sushi!
  • the hubs got into grad school in berkeley. we are movin' to the bay, yeah; we are movin' to the bay, yeah!! i am a bit hyphy.
  • chatted w/a friend from b-town. (I was gonna do a baltimore link here, but i typed in b-town on google and got berkeley) i get it cosmos!!
  • em is about to lose a second tooth in a month.
  • cb is still whining.
  • things are downright wonky and i couldn't be giddier.
  • oh AND...spiderman came over for a visit.

PLGC-blogiverse -out

1 comment:

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

I'm so very happy for you guys, but sad that we will be losing you! Do you know yet when you will be leaving?